October 26, 2016

Eye Drops for Cataracts

Surgery is the main treatment for cataracts at this point, but despite its success and popularity, some people will never feel comfortable going the surgical route. If you are hesitant to undergo surgery for this condition, you may be curious about eye drops for cataracts. Though they are rather new, you should find out more about this kind of treatment if you wish to avoid more invasive routes.

Why the Eye Drops Were Created

The idea of eye drops for cataracts was formed by people who thought that surgery for this condition could be considered too risky for some. Many people also find any kind of surgery invasive, even despite high success rates. Therefore, eye drops for cataracts were invented. However, they are not yet widely in use for this condition, nor are they approved for this use by the FDA.

The drops feature N-Acetyl-Carnosine, which has been shown to help eliminate cataracts in clinical studies. The point of the eye drops for cataracts is to help break up the substances that create blurry vision in the eye. While this product has been shown to be effective in some studies using animals, they are not known to be an immediate cure for cataracts in the real world.

What To Expect

The eye drops can be purchased over-the-counter so that a prescription is not needed. Additionally, though they are not proven to get rid of cataracts, they have not shown to be harmful to humans, either. Therefore, if you are wary of having surgery to get rid of this condition, you can purchase eye drops for cataracts instead. They may work for you, but if not, the good news is that there are various treatments for this issue. Only surgery is proven to remove cataracts, but using brighter lights, magnifying glasses, and new contact or glasses prescriptions can all help you see better once again.